TAS 167 : Are Review Groups Hurting Your Amazon Business? (What To Look Out For)

On this episode of the Amazing Seller podcast you’re going to learn all about the power and importance of reviews on your Amazon products. Danny Brewer and Scott Voelker have a lot of experience soliciting and promoting reviews and both of them have tons to share about reviews and review groups and how they can help and hurt you when you’re trying to get your products out to the world.

What do reviews accomplish for your products?

Reviews are one of the most important parts of getting your product moved to the top of the page when someone searches for keywords related to your product. But there’s not a direct correlation. Reviews encourage potential customers to buy your product. Why? Because it appears to be more legitimate, more trustworthy. It’s THOSE sales that push your product higher in the organic search results. On this episode you’re going to hear two experienced Amazon sellers chat about the right and wrong ways to go about getting reviews for your Amazon products.

What’s the biggest reason reviews are deleted by the Amazon powers?

Amazon’s policies require reviews to be posted within certain guidelines. If your reviewers are not following those guidelines, the reviews they leave will eventually be deleted, which is of no benefit to you. The main reason for deletions is that people who receive a product for free (through one of your promotions) in exchange for a review do not say so in their review. Amazon requires that. On this episode you’re going to hear how you can encourage and even help you reviewers leave their response to your product without it being deleted.

Be careful of the trolls that lurk in public review groups.

When you post a free code for your product in an effort to promote it, you may get a great response. But consider what could happen (and often does). The people who see your free promo are not only potential customers, they could be potential competitors – and some of those competitors will do anything to hurt your sales, even buying your product using your promo, and leaving a bad review. It’s something that happens and that you should be very leary of. Today’s episode features some ideas you can put into place to make it where you don’t have to use public groups.

How can you find good, quality places to ask for good reviews?

Danny Brewer learned early on that promoting Amazon products with free or discounted coupons is problematic at best. Not only can trolls buy your product and give you bad reviews, people who are not serious about reviewing products can get in there, give you bad or lackluster reviews, and hurt your product in the end. Danny’s got a group that he’s been able to develop that is a powerful way to get quality reviews, and you can submit your products for consideration. The group doesn’t accept every product, so know that going in. Listen to this episode to get the details.


  • [0:25] Scott’s introduction to the podcast and his guest, Danny Brewer.
  • [1:18] How you can get transcripts of the episodes.
  • [2:53] Danny’s introduction… and his expertise surrounding Amazon reviews.
  • [3:52] Why reviews are important for your products.
  • [5:58] What is an Amazon promotion and how do they work?
  • [6:31] One of the biggest reasons reviews are being deleted.
  • [10:00] Why organic sales are the biggest goal.
  • [11:41] How some review groups attract spies to your product.
  • [17:28] Why low quality, short reviews are not beneficial.
  • [23:38] The two types of promotions, including BSR boosts.
  • [26:39] How to determine the number of products to give away.
  • [31:20] What Danny does when he runs out of product: how to get his product back toward the top.
  • [37:45] How clicks on your promotions can be a bad thing.
  • [39:20] Don’t overdo the promotions.
  • [48:47] How Danny has created his own review groups to promote his product reviews… and how you can get your products considered by the group.


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TAS 167 : Are Review Groups Hurting Your Amazon Business? (What To Look Out For)

[00:00:03] SV: Hey, hey. What’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast. This is episode number 167. Today what we’re going to be talking about is the review game. We’re going to be talking all about review groups, promotions and all of that good stuff. I say “we”. I’ve invited on a good friend of mine, Danny Brewer, also known as Danny “No BS” Brewer. I invited him on because he’s been doing this for quite a while and he knows a thing or two about review groups. He’s done a really good job of creating his own launch group and connected himself with other trusted sources. I really wanted to pick his brain and…

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