TAS 164 : How To Improve Your PPC Campaigns To Perform Better (my new secret weapon)

Pay Per Click on Amazon is one of the most difficult and time consuming things that run behind a successful Amazon sales business. And you can’t do without it, it’s what makes your private label products pop up on the first page of Amazon before you’re able to get there through pure organic sales and recommendations. But how can you learn it and invest the time you need to in order to make it work without breaking the bank. On this episode, Scott Voelker and his guest, Ty Rooney, are talking about ways to amp up PPC campaigns on Amazon.

Starting your Pay per click campaigns the smart way.

There’s no reason the average person can’t manage their own PPC campaigns wisely. But you’ve got to get started in a smart way if you’re going to receive the benefits your products need. How do you start smart? The first thing is to set up an “auto” campaign and a few manual campaigns, then let it run for a while. Most people start tweaking things too early, before they get enough data to make some wise decisions. So be sure you don’t jump into the changes too soon. Hear how Scott Voelker and Ty Rooney think about PPC and what’s working for them.

What are you looking for in your PPC data?

When you open the Amazon PPC dashboard after a week of letting it run on an auto campaign and a couple of manual campaigns, you’re going to see a lot of numbers there. How do you know what to look for, and how do you know what those numbers mean? First, you’re going to start at the top and look at every single keyword. Your goal is to find the keywords that are getting the actual traffic to your product. Those keywords (and possible variations of them) will be the ones you’ll want to focus on as you adjust things. It’s way too complicated to explain here, so make sure you listen!

The new “Bid Plus” feature in Amazon PPC is here!

It was only a few months ago that Amazon provided some new features to the PPC dashboard that have made it a much more usable and powerful tool to drive traffic to your products. But now they’ve added another feature, called “Bid Plus.” What is it? We’re not exactly clear on that yet, but the first looks into it are promising. You can hear what Scott Voelker and Ty Rooney think about the feature and the other adjustments that Amazon is making to their platform all the time, on this episode.

You can be part of a special “beta program” that Ty Rooney has created to manage your PPC campaigns for you!

It’s official. Ty and Scott have been working together to figure out a way to handle the intricacies and headaches of Amazon Pay Per Click for clients. It’s a great idea and they are hoping it will be a great service as well. Ty’s announcing it on this episode and giving you the opportunity to be a part of the beta launch group. Find out all the details on this episode of the Amazing Seller.


  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:12] How you can get the transcripts from every episode.
  • [2:11] How Ty Rooney got started selling items online and what his business does now.
  • [6:20] How this episode came about: the backstory.
  • [7:17] The service Ty and Scott came up with to help folks with PPC.
  • [11:50] Why one bad review can hurt you.
  • [15:39] The importance of keeping on top of your PPC campaigns.
  • [17:08] What you can do to handle your PPC campaigns better.
  • [18:50] Step one: Create an auto campaign & 2 to 3 manual campaigns.
  • [21:40] Step two: Set your goals.
  • [24:10] Step three: Wait a week before you touch anything.
  • [25:01] Step four: Look at your results to determine which keywords are working best.
  • [28:45] When is it time to pause a PPC campaign?
  • [30:00] How PPC gives you real data on your actual sales and how you can use it.
  • [33:10] Step five: Keep digging in to refine your campaigns.
  • [40:00] The new “Bid Plus” feature on Amazon PPC.
  • [42:00] What Ty has created as a “done for you” service to manage your PPC.


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TAS 164 : How To Improve Your PPC Campaigns To Perform Better (my new secret weapon)

[00:00:02] SV: Hey, hey, what's up everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the Amazing Seller Podcast, this is episode number 164 and I am totally pumped today. I'll be talking about how to create and improve your pay-per-click campaigns to perform better and…



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