TAS 149 : The ROAD to $250k in 1 Month with NO LUCKY Breaks!

One of the hardest things for international sellers is feeling motivated to get started when their particular market size and volume is only a fraction of what U.S. Amazon sellers have at their disposal. This episode of the podcast should be of great encouragement to international Amazon sellers because it features a guy from the U.K. who has launched his Amazon business to over $250,000 in sales in the U.K. alone. There are all kinds of lessons to learn from this one, so make sure you listen.

From dropshipping, to FBA, to Private Label sales in the future.

That’s the road Francisco followed, and he’s discovered that compared to everything else he’s done in terms of product sales, Amazon is THE best opportunity that exists, even in the U.K. market. He’s worked his butt off to get his products onto the Amazon platform and is now seeing the fruits of his labors. On this episode he shares the journey he’s been on, the things he’s learned trying to run a seller fulfillment business, and tell you exactly why he’s switched to FBA.

What might happen if you could get exclusive sales rights to your products?

Francisco did a very smart thing when he approached his suppliers about gaining exclusive rights to sell their products on Amazon. Why would he want to do that? First off, it eliminates the issue of bidding wars over identical products. Secondly, it gives him more leverage when hijackers come around and try to take over his listing. And he doesn’t have to worry about someone else buying the same product from his supplier and becoming his competition. You can hear how Francisco did it, on this episode.

Another way to deal with product listing hijackers.

Once Francisco had his products on Amazon, and had gained exclusive rights from his supplier to sell the products, he was making incredible numbers of sales every day (in the 100s). When someone tried to hijack his listing, he responded with a new tactic. He looked over the hijacker’s other items, and realizing that they were nothing special and that he could easily find the supplier of those products… you could say he made an offer to the hijacker that he couldn’t refuse. Find out exactly what he did to get rid of his hijacker immediately, on this episode.

Why there’s no such thing as “LUCK” when it comes to success in Amazon sales.

Many people say that they got lucky at various stages of their Amazon sales journey. But Scott doesn’t buy it. The fact is that the supposed “luck” wouldn’t have happened at all if people like today’s guest hadn’t taken action in the first place. It’s action that matters, not luck. Find out how taking action enabled Francisco to sell $250,000 of product a month!


  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction of his guest, Francisco Gonzales.
  • [1:55] How Scott views luck in view of success.
  • [2:51] How you can attend a free, live workshop.
  • [3:20] Francisco’s background.
  • [5:21] The dropshipping experience Francisco had.
  • [5:55] Why Francisco built up 700 SKUs on his website (700 products).
  • [9:00] Moving his 700 products to Amazon in 5 different countries, and very few sales.
  • [11:02] Moving toward FBA and the beginnings of his sales.
  • [12:20] Obsessed with Amazon FBA – on a mission.
  • [13:36] Switching from his generic products to private label products.
  • [14:18] Ordering thousands of products at a time.
  • [15:50] Stressed out because products are selling like crazy.
  • [16:10] Sending trucks to Amazon with 10 to 15 pallets of products.
  • [17:05] How Francisco used Scott’s email sequence to get more reviews.
  • [17:32] An idea of how non-U.S. markets are doing with Amazon sales.
  • [21:00] Lobbying for exclusive Amazon sales rights from his suppliers.
  • [21:47] You got lucky because you took action!
  • [24:28] How exclusive rights have helped with hijackings.
  • [27:04] Another trick Francisco has done to get rid of hijackers.
  • [29:47] How PPC worked for Francisco.
  • [33:19] The plans ahead for Francisco’s business and sales.
  • [34:30] Is China the only place to get your products?
  • [35:49] What does Francisco’s typical launch look like?
  • [38:12] Scott’s experience with a new product and quick sales.
  • [40:25] How hard work trumps talent.


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TAS 149 : The ROAD to $250k in 1 Month with NO LUCKY Breaks!

[00:00:03] SV: Hey, hey. What’s up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast. This is episode number 149 and today I can’t wait for you to hear this interview that I just did. I literally just got off Skype with this gentleman and his name is Francisco Gonzalez, a really, really awesome guy by the way, who is doing really, really awesome and he’s not even selling in the US. Yeah, that’s right. He’s selling in the UK and other foreign markets…

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