TAS 077 : The Secrets to using Feedback and Reviews that Drive More Sales – with Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie is a superstar when it comes to Amazon sales. He’s made tons of cash through the Amazon Affiliate program but has also moved into the realm of his own Private Label products being sold on Amazon and is making a killing. He’s especially adept at building product niches on the back of product feedback and reviews, taking advantage of Amazon’s built in algorithms to move products up in the Amazon search rankings. Listen in to the extra-powerful conversation on The Amazing Seller podcast.

Chris Guthrie
Chris Guthrie

Why are reviews of your product so important?

Reviews are proof to a potential buyer that your product has not only been purchased, but has been enjoyed. Internet sales nowadays is highly dependent on customer reviews – they are the social proof that your product is what it says it is, and that you are a reputable seller to purchase from. If you don’t have a significant number of product reviews on Amazon, your products are going to languish at the bottom of the search results, not even being on the table as an option for the people who are searching for what you sell. How do you get more reviews for your products? In this episode Scott talks with his guest Chris Guthrie about several strategies you can use to solicit feedback from your customers to boost your product listings in Amazon search.

What about feedback? Should you ask for it? What if it’s negative?

There are plenty of Amazon FBA sellers who are afraid to ask for feedback because they believe that if they receive negative feedback about their products, they will take a hit in Amazon’s search algorithms. While that’s possible, a better strategy, which Scott addresses in this episode with Chris Guthrie, is to bury the negatives with tons of positives. Asking for feedback is yet another way you can boost your products in Amazon search. Scott and Chris also reveal some simple ways you can get rid of the results of some of your negative feedback, all in this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Plant your flag in a product niche and build your business from there.

That’s some of Chris Guthrie’s advice for new Amazon sellers. He believes that once you do your initial product research and find a product that you can take action with, you should do your best to get a quick “win” with that product and then branch out into other related products from there. You have to be interested in more than just making money, you have to build your business around a certain niche of products so that purchasers of your first product will be open to buying your next product as well because they’re comfortable buying from you because of their good experience with your first product. Find out more about how Chris suggests you go about doing just that, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Did you know you can automate a request for feedback from your Amazon customers?

That’s what Scott does, as does his guest, Chris Guthrie. In fact, Chris has created a software solution to do exactly that. Scott’s been using it and loves the simplicity and ease of use – and has seen his reviews rise to over 600, with 4 to 6 new reviews coming in on his products every day. Even if you can’t afford a product like Chris’ you can still solicit feedbacks and reviews from your customers through Amazon’s contact options. Don’t neglect this important step in boosting your products in Amazon’s search algorithms.


  • Welcome to this Q&A episode!
  • Scott’s introduction to Chris Guthrie – an Amazon pro
  • How Chris got started – and a quick word of advice for those doing Amazon sales on the side.
  • Why Amazon feedback and Amazon reviews are so important for private label products.
  • How Chris started going after low competition products and found his preferred niche.
  • Why Chris believes Amazon to be a great opportunity for people.
  • An overview of Chris’ software Amasuite – and how he first created it in February 2012.
  • Using reviews to beat the competition and position your products higher.
  • Be careful using friends and family reviews on your products.
  • How to “plant your flag” in a certain area and expand from there with additional products in the same or complementary area.
  • Chris’ thoughts on Tomoson and what he’s heard about its usefulness for generating reviews.
  • Why Chris is more interested in how products are actually selling rather than the review count of the product.
  • Getting your first “win” is very, very important for a number of reasons.
  • How Chris views Amazon’s top 10,000 reviewers. What is their usefulness and is it worth chasing them down for reviews of your products.
  • The most important question to ask about your business decisions as it relates to your Amazon sales.
  • How to drive more traffic to your products through websites, groups, etc.
  • The value of feedback in Amazon’s system and why you should do your best to solicit those for your FBA products.
  • Scott’s method of soliciting feedback that has produced over 500 reviews on his products.
  • How Chris Guthrie follows up on product sales to solicit feedback and reviews for his products.
  • How Scott deals with negative feedback and the impact it has had.
  • Why you should present yourself to your customers as a PERSON, not a company.
  • How Scott used Feedback Genius and Chris Guthrie’s new product Salesbacker to do the actually follow up with customers through automated methods.
  • What makes Salesbacker THE go-to product for automated FBA Sales follow up.
  • Why it’s important to solicit feedback and reviews even if you have to do it without paying for an automated service.
  • Chris’ 6o-day trial offer to The Amazing Seller listeners… with no credit card needed.
  • Final advice from Chris for wanna-be Amazon sellers.
  • Chris’ new podcast – http://www.SalesBacker.com/podcast

Video Demo and Walkthrough of Salesbacker


Amasuite 4  – Chris Guthrie’s software

The podcast episode that describes Scott’s email sequence – http://TheAmazingSeller.com/10

Salesbacker – (My Tool Of Choice Now) – This was built for the Private Label Seller in mind. It focuses on both Feedback and Reviews for more control of your follow-up emails.

*60 day FREE Trial for TASers and Unlimited emails during 60 days. Pre-Installed email Campaign Templates – No Credit Card Required

Click Here for FREE Trial to Salesbacker (Affiliate Link)

Contact Chris at Chris@salesbacker.com

How to get Chris’ 60-day trial offer – http://www.TheAmazingSeller.com/reviews

Chris' new podcast – http://www.salesbacker.com/podcast


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  1. Sammy

    Hey Scott,
    What is the review conversion rate you are getting using your email sequence?

    Daily Reviews divided by Daily Sales

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Sammy, it depends on the product and the sequence, 3-5% is generally considered pretty good.

  2. Amber

    Hi Scott,

    Love the podcast. I asked to join the FB group today as well. I’m fairly new to selling on Amazon.

    I just launched my product and I had a few family members purchase it and leave a review. Two of them reached out and let me know that the reviews were successfully posted on Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2017. It is now Monday, Feb 6th, 2017.

    No reviews are showing on my product listing!

    I’m a little freaked out about this, since Amazon had cracked down so insanely on reviews – but it is a real purchase and a real review – and I need reviews!

    Obviously I can’t just call Amazon and ask about this. Is anyone else encountering this huge delay (3 days) of reviews posting? What can I do (if anything)?

    Thanks again for all your help – this is a true resource!

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Amber, i probably wouldn’t “freak out”, generally family members are blocked from leaving reviews, if amazon figures out they have a relationship with you afterward, they will simply remove the review! Nothing to worry about.

  3. Martin

    Hey Scott!
    A little bit about Salesbecker. Is it tottaly secure to use it?
    How does it work if i`ll make access to Salesbecker to my seller account?
    Thank You!

    1. Scott Voelker

      Yes Martin, it is completely secure. It connects to your account via the Amazon API.

  4. Gary

    Hi Scott,

    I love your shows and passion. Thanks for teaching us. We have learned a lot from your podcasts.

    For our US market, Salesbacker has done a great job and we love it. However, it does not support the UK Marketplace at this moment. I emailed them and checked a possible time frame for the UK market, but they still don’t a specific plan for this yet.

    So, I am just wondering if you have any other recommended application similar to Sakesbacker for the UK market?

    Thanks and I am looking forward to your suggestions.

    Best regards,


    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Gary, there were some rumours that feedbackz (i think that was the name) was popular in the UK market. Check it out and let me know!

  5. Joe

    The free 120 emails/month- can we continually use this option for free month over month? I have around 300 sales a month, but not at the level to be able to pay for the service yet.

  6. Wendy Li

    Hi Scott,

    I was using Feedback Genius during my RA days and now that my PL product is launched (and getting steady sales), I am interested to switch over to Salesbacker. I’m hoping you can answer this question. Is there anything or any settings I should take note of for the transition? I don’t want a situation where a chunk of the orders during the transition period either don’t get any emails or get duplicated emails from both services. Thanks a lot.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Wendy, I’d suggest creating your campaign in salesbacker before you pull the plug on Feedback genius. Once you “add the product to the campaign” in salesbacker it will start firing off and you can pull the plug on feedback genius, without seeing any down time.

  7. Harrison

    feedback genius vs salesbacker… Who Wins?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Harrison, I’m a BIG salesbacker fan, I simply think the feature set is miles ahead of what I was getting with Feeback Genius

  8. Pasha

    Hey Scott, Nice video thanks a Lot for making this..
    I have a que, You said in template we have to provide the buyer our seller feedback link & also Review link, so that they can directly redirect to it and leave a seller feedback/review.
    Could you please help us to know from where we can give those links from our seller central account for our product ? I hope you got my query.
    Also does salesbacker pick up the name automatically and display in beginning of email template Like ~ Hello *[John]*. John will be automatically written by salesbacker ?

    best regards

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Pasha, you should be able to use the shortcode structure inside salesbacker to both auto populate the name and the links. They use the Amazon API to get the information directly from Amazon.

  9. Chris

    Hi Scott. Just watched your video and downloaded your PDF. I noticed in your PDF, you have a 4 email sequence and in your video, you turned it into 3. I’m curious for your own products, are you doing now the 3 email sequence? Thanks!

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Chris, I’m currently using the same 4 email sequence that you have in the PDF

  10. Roy

    Hi Scott,
    How do I gain seller feedbacks if I launch my very first product on Amazon using their FBA ?
    The customers won’t be able to give me any feedback as long as Amazon fulfill the orders.
    So how someone like me that have a new account and launching my very first product gain any seller feedback?
    Thank you,

      1. Roy

        Hi Scott,
        I didn’t realize I can gain any feedbacks while being fulfilled by Amazon.
        Thank you very much.

  11. Charlene

    Hi Scott,

    A huge thank you for all your podcasts they are a massive help. We have been trying to install this software here in the UK however its like we cant use it with a UK seller account. Are we correct in assuming that for now it only works with the .com seller accounts? Many thanks, Charlene

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Charlene,

      As of right now, I believe that it does indeed only work with .com accounts. There are a few similar pieces of software that work on .co.uk accounts, feel free to ping the TAS facebook group and see what other international sellers are using.

  12. Brad

    This pod cast came a good time. Took up the offer on the free trial just before I was going to pull the trigger on Genius. Coach Sparky. not sure if others are in my situation, but we have a few PL products with significant amount of variations. (We are more akin to the Mercer model and one of the first PLs was a test that went wide in options) When you have to manage upwards of 100 child ASINs over a few listings there are no bulk editing features so it can be a tedious process to get everything up for each one. Not hard but time consuming to start. Not trying to think about the if and when I decide to test or change a significant amount of those products to another type of email campaign. I’ve written to Chris about some potential improvements in the product management area to aid us diversified sellers.

    One Concern I’ve address to Chris and may be worth a followup here:

    We get multiple buys (different ASINs) off of our variations on one listing. Would a customer that purchased a few of the variations get as many follow up emails or is there a way to check parent and variation so that they only get one email associated with the parent listing? I can see them getting several emails for one purchase because each child is treated separately.

    For those of you managing only a few ASINs this is going to easy easy easy! Although I haven’t seen any tutorials other than Scotts, it’s a quick and easy learn by poking around. Great start for the service and with a few editing enhancements this is going to a player for those of us building our own businesses.

    1. Nathan Koonce

      How does Salesbacker treat campaigns run on parent & child listings? Can we associate the parent listing with a Salesbacker campaign to capture all child listings, or does each child listing require individual association with a campaign? Further, what happens if both parent and child listings are associated with campaign? Will the buyer get redundant messages from each for a single purchase? Or is Salesbacker tied to ASIN only, in which case no parent listing would ever trigger a campaign? Do these questions even make sense? It’s late, I can’t tell.

      1. Scott Voelker

        Hey Nathan, parent listings are essentially just placeholders inside the Amazon platform you can’t “sell” from a parent listing, it’s the child listings are the ones that generate sales. Salesbacker is tied in at the listing level so you would only be building campaigns at the child level. Make sense?

        1. Nathan Koonce

          Perfect sense, thanks Scott

  13. Johari

    Hi Scott, Great podcast and blog. Very informative and practical. Just wondering, it seems the salesbacker did not work for my amazon seller account in uk and europe. Is there any other review/feedback software tools that suitable?
    Thanks. Really appreciate your effort.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Johari,

      You may want to check out Feedbackfive or Feedbackz, I haven’t played around with them personally, but I hear some rumblings that some sellers are having success with them internationally.

      1. James Amazio

        Thanks for the shout Scott! Johari, I’m the founder of Feedbackz, feel free to shoot any questions you may have.

  14. jackie

    I had heard many times that feedback has nothing to do with sales. Why do some people say this? What do they mean?
    Great shows, by the way. Thanks 🙂

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Jackie,

      What they mean is feedback doesn’t have a direct impact on sales or conversion rate (like a product review does) seller feedback “seems” to operate in the background and helps to make your overall account seem more relevant to Amazon, theoretically making it easier for you to rank new products faster, show up for more competition keywords, etc.

  15. brian

    sounds interesting. Just curious if there is a difference in email deliverability % in Sales backer vs. other Amazon seller email tools ? Can deliverability decrease when you use external tools vs. directly email through Amazon’s email messaging ?

    1. Scott Voelker

      It shouldn’t decrease or change much between tools, since they are still using the Amazon platform to send the emails. Feedback Genius and Salesbacker simply give you a different way to setup and view the emails, they aren’t sending them from those platforms…does that make sense?

  16. Paul

    Will this software require us to give over our API keys to another Amazon seller, just like every other feedback and review software out there? Was really hoping someone would develop a semi-automated one that didn’t require API access.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Paul, you do have to use the API in order to use Amazon tools from outside of the seller central dashboard.

  17. Ellie

    Oh and the idea to use Rafflecopter to build an email list (and twitter followers in my case) is brilliant! Such tiny gems like that are so great!

  18. Ellie

    This is great – I am in PL FBA because of Chris and his podcast and love amasuite. I always get gems of information from him. I am definitely going to try out Salesbacker. Thanks Scott and Chris!!

  19. Emma

    Hey Scott,
    THANK YOU for the incredible content you put out week after week – it is amazing!
    Can I ask for the main pro’s of Salesbacker vs Feedback Genius… as I don’t have time to listen to the whole of this podcast now.
    Many thanks!
    ~ E

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Emma,

      simply put, it’s a better version of Feedback Genius. It allows you a better look into exactly what’s going on with each of your emails and allows you to automate the entire email sequence (not just parts of it) for more, check out more here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4lJatrJsfk

  20. Vonda

    there is no sound on this video from 20mins and on. you may want to check it.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Vonda,

      This video is less than 20 minutes long so i’m not quite sure you’re referring to. I just gave it a quick listen and it seems like it’s good to go now, but if you continue to have issues please let me know!

  21. Chris Guthrie

    Thanks again Scott for the invite. If anyone has any questions (especially if you’re listening to this episode much later on) the best way to get in touch with me is via the email above.

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