TAS 060 : 3 Tips To Rank Higher For Keywords And Increase Organic Sales (The Right Way)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast we'll discuss why ranking for keywords is so important and how you can plan for the future. You'll learn the correct way for ranking using simple techniques.

Here's 3 ways that you can improve ranking for keywords inside of Amazon.

1. Keywords in Title + Bullets + Description

2. Promotions – Walk People Through The Steps
*Email > Go to Amazon > Search Garlic Press
>Find Product by (Your Brand) > Click on Listing
> Add To Cart > Use Code > Finish Check Out

3. Use Amazon PPC – Focus on Top Keywords and Bid Aggressively
—The Break Even Strategy

Tip for Improving Ranking

Modify your listings Title, Bullets and Description after  data comes in from PPC.

Tips for Finding Keywords:

Use Google Keyword PlannerMerchant WordsKeyword Inspector

Links Discussed:

Podcast Episode #19 – Discovering Keywords

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