TAS 056 : How Greg Mercer Built His 6 Figure Per Month Amazon Business

Greg_Mercer_InterviewIn this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear how Greg Mercer built his 6 figure per month Amazon business. He shares what he is currently doing to further scale his private label business.

Greg is also the creator the popular product research tool…Jungle Scout. He shares why he decided to create this tool, but also how it saves him hours during the research phase.

In this interview Greg also shares what his criteria is for choosing a product and how to come up with ideas to research.

We actually share a similar approach to choosing a winning product, which I've publicly shared in past episodes. If you want to hear that episode…click here.

Here's a snap shot of the basic criteria:

  • 1. Priced between $19 – $45
  • 2. Lightweight & Small (Fits in Shoebox)
  • 3. Sells 10 per day or more
  • 4. Sourced at 1/3 of selling price
  • 5. Ships by Air
  • 6. Under 500 reviews

Greg explains in more detail what he looks for, but these are the basics.

Enjoy the interview!

Links Discussed:

The BSR Cheat Sheet (Selling 10 Per Day)

Jungle Scout Research TOOL (10% OFF)

NEW Jungle Scout Web App – Discovery Tool

*If you purchase through my link I will earn a small commission * I work for coffee πŸ™‚

Watch the video that Greg created walking you through the steps he uses to find products.

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  1. MIrfan

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: how much matter for research the products ? And what should be kindly little explain.

    1. Scott Voelker

      BSR is simply a reflection of sales, you need sales to understand how much demand there is for a product!

  2. muzlink

    Very informative Podcast. Got a lot of good information from the podcast, and will apply them.

  3. Vaness

    Is your 6 figure a month Amazon business title saying that you net 6 figures a month or you just sell 6 figures in product? If it’s not a net number, what are your actual profits like?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Vaness, profits are typically 30 to 40 percent depending on the product


    Hi Scout,

    Amazing Show!

    I just started using jungle scout and found a few products that have under 100 reviews in the top 10! I was excited until I noticed in the 15-20 range there was one with over 500. Again, on the second page of search results there were 3 sellers with 100-300 reviews. How would you assess this?

    Additionally, what specific columns do you sort (if you sort) the analytics by?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Jeffery, the focus should be on SALES, make sure that the market has enough sales depth to support you and then look at your review counts as a secondary number

  5. David Lewis

    Very informative Podcast. Thank you, Scott, for sharing information and helping others. Got a lot of good information from the podcast, and will apply them.


  6. Shayan Shahangian

    Hey Scott,
    Thank you once again for all the great info! I had a question regarding the shipment process to Amazon and how you and Greg do it. Lets say my product is finished and ready to ship to the fulfillment centers by air. Should I have it sent to myself first so I can label and then ship it, sent to a third party logistics company like FBA Express to do quality control and labeling, or have the supplier do this all for me? Also, should I pay extra to have it all shipped to one warehouse or just send them to different Amazon centers like they usually want? I’m sort of stuck on how to do this and which one is the easiest and cheapest way. Thank you in advance for your answer!

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Shayan, as far as the one vs many warehouses question, you’ll have to run the numbers and see which way costs you less. Generally speaking I have the supplier label and prep everything for me. You could do that and in place of the inspection that I do you could have one done before it’s shipped by a company, like TopWin.

  7. Maria Fernandez

    What it means the ranking? Or how do you analyze this item? And about reviews, did you say look the top 5 reviews under a 100 per each one or in the sum of the 5 products?
    Thank you very much

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Maria, it’s the average across the 5 to 10 top products πŸ™‚

  8. Sampson Valnette

    Sweet waterbottle mic stand haha PL IDEA!!

  9. Brendan

    Very helpful episode. One question:
    Greg says a product shouldn’t have many pages of listings. In my experience, any keyword or set of keywords either produces no results or at least a dozen. Seems impossible to find products with only a page or two of results (For instance, Greg’s example of ‘kid’s garden tools’ shows 20 pages of results). I don’t understand how to implement this tip.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Brenden I think what he means is pages of the same exact product with different brands on it. To me it doesn’t really matter how many pages come up when I search for something, what really matters is where the demand stops.

      1. Brendan

        Thanks for the response Scott. I was wondering if that was what he meant. Appreciate the clarification. I can’t believe you actually respond to all the questions (and quite rapidly). Loving the podcast. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  10. Brandon

    Is Greg talking about how he launches a Private Label? Or is this also how he launches a non private labeled product? He says he has a girl that does his graphic design and product photos. Does he just get his items labeled with a logo right from the start then?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Brandon, if you’re doing PL then yes you would be getting your items labeled right from the start.

  11. abhishek

    Hey Scott,

    Do I know how these sellers are generating huge amount of reviews and feedbacks within few weeks. Can you suggest me the tool or way if they are using?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Abhishek, if they are doing it legitimately they are using a giveaway and a tool like Salesbacker πŸ™‚

  12. Davis

    Hi, I’m getting into selling and I’m listening to the podcast in order so I got a trial of AMZ Shark which seems great but I haven’t used this product yet. Do you think JungleScout is better than AMZ Shark? They are basically the same price, so which should I go with?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Davis, AMZShark and JS are two totally different products (they have some similar features), but if you’re looking for a product research tool, hands down, no questions asked go with JS

  13. Ali

    Thanks for the podcasts and videos.
    I am doing my numbers and it seems almost impossible with 1/3 cost with taking into consideration shipping, professional photos may be and packaging.

    Your knowledge on the topic is impressive. Thanks again

  14. Bob

    Just come across your podcast – great work. I have a question about Jungle Scout. I am UK based and probably looking to start selling in my home country. Would JS be of any use to me or is it just Amazon.com based? If the latter is there an alternative product you would recommend please?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Bob, as far as I’m aware JungleScout would still be the best bet. I also would HIGHLY suggest taking a look at the .com site when you’re sourcing a product because if you can find a product that will work in the US (where most of the volume is) chances are it will also work well on .co.uk and the other Euro sites!

      1. Bob

        Thanks Josh. A related question that you may have been asked before by a Brit maybe. What are the barriers that prevent me from using Amazon USA as my FBA partner and selling in the States? Are there any?

        1. Bob

          Sorry Scott just realised I called you Josh in my last question. That’s what happens when you get to my age and are discussing things with 2 people at the same time πŸ™‚

          I am absolutely loving the Podcast. Only just discovered it and working my way through from the beginning. I have already learned so much – Thanks.

  15. Aja

    Hey Scott! Starting on the TAS route a little late, but I wanted to thank you for what you do and just know that I’m on my way to being an AMZN Private label seller too!

  16. mohamed

    Thanks scott for this amazing work you are doing.
    I have a question
    What if there is only one or two listings showed up after searching amazon for specific product , and this product still met all other criteria you mentioned above except that there is only 1 or 2 sellers are selling that product very good (and there is no other sellers except those 2 are selling this specific product).
    in this case should we consider this product has enough demand to go and private label it ?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Mohamed, generally you want to see 5-10 people selling a product in order to get a sense of the depth in the market. I would generally avoid a product with fewer sellers than that because there isn’t a reliable way to judge market depth.

  17. Muhammad Alobaidy

    Forget to say thousands of thanks for Greg, on this amazing video.

    God bless you all guys.

    take care

    1. mohamed

      Hi Mohamed
      See you have Arabic name
      Can we help each other learn this FBA

  18. Muhammad Alobaidy

    I do really thank you for your great effort to make this field easy to use It’s amazing video, and I’m new here in United State and hope that your help will be part from my success.

    Take care,

  19. william

    Hi Scott,
    Woot,Woot, thanks for your sharing. Appreciate for your help on my way to successful Amazon FBA seller.
    One question:
    I am not capable to link to the BSR CHEAT SHEET, would it be able for you to help me download that?
    thanks and look forward to your reply.

    many hugs

  20. shay

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the content!
    I am a JS user already and I love it:)

    I noticed that you completely “ignored” the fact that Amazon is a selling the product or not.

    Can you expand on your criteria regarding that. I.e if amazon sells in more than 4 places would you still consider entering?

    I heard you have to have 4 times more reviews than amazon in order to rank higher, what’s your experience with that?


    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Shay,

      reviews don’t really seem to play a role in keyword ranking (outside of boosting conversions), what really matters is SALES. If you have more sales than the Amazon product, you’ll likely rank higher (just like with any other competitor). Honestly, the “number of spots” varies depending on the depth of the market. If Amazon has 4 spots and only 5 spots are making sales, I’d be a little worried…but if there are 30 spots hitting my sales goal, it wouldn’t matter. Does that make sense?

  21. Sean

    One of the basic criteria mentioned for a potential product is that it is sourced for 1/3 the selling price. Is that taking into account all costs, i.e, shipping etc?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Yes sir. That means, you can get the product sent into Amazon for 1/3rd the price you interned to sell it for.

  22. Robert

    Scott thanks so much for all your amazing content. It seems the link for the cheatsheet is not working. Just thought you might want to know.

    1. Scott Voelker

      HEy Robert, thanks for the heads up!

      It looks like it’s working now, but if it still doesn’t work for you, let me know.

      1. sol

        I am also having problems downloading it, not receiving the confirmation email(have checked spam/promotions). Thx!

  23. Angela

    Hello Scott,
    Amazing episode! I have enjoyed listening to you sent I came across your podcast a few months ago. I sincerely appreciate you taking your time to share this invaluable information with everyone. I do have 1 question, I signed up for Jungle Scout, but have not received the list of products that was discussed in the talk. Again, thank you so much!

    1. Scott Voelker

      HI Angela,

      You may want to check your Bulk or Spam folders. You can also reach out to Greg at greg@junglescout.com

      Thanks for listening

  24. Tony Rovere

    The BSR cheat sheet link doesn’t go to a cheat sheet. It goes to the JungleScout promo. Is that correct?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hi Tony,

      Scroll down the page and you’ll find the downloads.

  25. Olivia

    Loved the video! Please convey my thanks to Greg for making it and you for posting it. It validated the way I’ve been using Jungle Scout and provided an extra tip (spying on the competition) that I look forward to adding to my research process.

  26. Alan Hayden

    Quick! Everyone sell kids gardening tools!!!!

  27. Ian

    The two links above are forwarding to the same place.

    The BSR Cheat Sheet (Selling 10 Per Day)

  28. Tauna

    Thanks so much Scott and Greg! I really enjoyed hearing Greg’s story and is a true inspiration to what we are working to accomplish. Thanks so much for the BSR rank sheet…I love looking at numbers! πŸ™‚

  29. Lorne

    Oh my, in the first 5 minutes of using Jungle Scout I have sorted out my next few products and most importantly, eliminated what I thought would be a good product. What a brilliant and simple to use bit of software. This is the best research tool for Amazon I have seen so far. Thanks to Scott for bringing Greg onto the pod cast. You both rock!

  30. Kent

    First time listening to your podcast, but definitely not the last. Great stuff! I just started the research phase and am anxious identify some potential products.

    If you do bring Greg back on (and you should!), I’d love to hear more about his team, how he’s automated his process, etc. For example, does he have VAs that monitor inventory and place reorders? Those types of details would be very interesting and helpful.

    Thanks again and great podcast!

  31. Hans

    Please explain acronyms and abbreviations. We all jump around from Pod to Pod. Newbies hear BSR, etc. and etc. which rolls off your tongue, and we’re lost. I think your work is fantastic, and appreciated. Slow the train down and don’t assume we understand the language. Anxious to learn, just need a moment.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Thanks Hans for the feedback. I will do this in a future podcast and blog post.

  32. Adrian

    Did Greg mean same brand when he said ‘try to get 2 or 3 of the same products in the same private label’ i.e use one brand on several products.

    Thanks Scott.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Yes…I believe so. Keep a products in a group if possible.

  33. Marc

    The link to the BSR Cheat Sheet doesn’t seem to be working, it just forwards to Jungle Scout. I would love to be able to see the cheat sheet if it is available.

    1. Scott Voelker

      You will need to add you email on that page to be sent the downloads. Then you will be emailed the downloads.

  34. Dan

    Hey Scott,
    Thanks for another great episode. I have been using the Jungle Scout extension for over a month now, and I absolutely love it. It’s great to get a birds-eye view of how well a product or competitor is doing in seconds with just a click of a button. Although the price has gone up since I purchased it, it’s still an awesome tool to have in the toolbox for a private label business and I highly recommend it.
    On a side note, I’ve jumped all the hurdles to this point and received my first shipment a few days ago and will be sending it into Amazon this week. I’m pumped to get it up and selling by using all the tips you’ve provided on your show!
    Thanks for the awesome podcast and the weekly motivation!


  35. Thomas

    Hey Guys, great podcast – Had a few questions about jungle scout:
    1. How many products/pages can i scrape per day? Is there a limit per day?
    2. Do i have to click “extract results” for each page? Or is there any sort of automated button to pull products from multiple pages?
    3. How fast is jungle scout? How long would it take to pull say 100 pages?
    4. I never saw the BSR / Sales Frequency chart, where can i find that?

    Cheers and thanks!

    1. Scott Voelker

      I believe as many as you want. I’m not sure if this can be automated. I don’t think so. It’s pretty fast, but will have to do with your internet connection too.

      The chart should have been sent to you after requesting it. You can contact greg@junglescout.com and ask for it again.

  36. Tobias

    Hi Scott and Greg,
    first of all I think everybody is totally fine with the fact to bring someone to the show that does not everything for love πŸ™‚
    When he can share and give value: Perfect! When he had developed something that potentially will make our live easier – even better!
    I trust you Scott to not throw in some expensive rubbish here πŸ™‚ Therefore, Scott: Please let the tools comming! This is really an important topic – maybe you can dedicate one or more podcasts to tools (free and paied..?!) Would love to hear more about it!

    Greg, one question:
    I read that you collect feeback to get an UK version running – what about a version for Germany? Far away?


  37. Edward

    This episode was awesome and I’m now a Jungle Scout user, woot woot!
    It’s a really cool tool and has me geeking out on Amazon stats..hoping the people around me will care but always realizing they don’t! Perhaps I need to get out to Chang Mai with Johnny FD and the hustlers out there having a nice time.
    I had question: how important are seller types? Is it beneficial if Amazon isn’t selling the product directly, and it’s just FBA’ers? Given that the numbers are good?

    Thanks for making a great show!

    Edward S

  38. Dermot Levy

    Another very good Podcast. Thank you again Scott for your persistent effort to reach out and help others.
    Got a lot of good information from the podcast, and working hard to apply them.
    Thank you.

  39. Tony

    Hey Scott, thanks for this ps. the bsr cheat sheet link is incorrect.

  40. Alan Hayden

    Hey Scott, I loved this episode, After joining the private label classroom I’ve been going through the podcast episodes from episode #1 but when this one came out I HAD to listen to it out of order.

    I heard you say that greg is in Cambodia. I’ll be in S.E. Asia this winter and would love to run into him. How open is Greg for meeting a fellow motivated action taker like myself?

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