TAS 053 : How This NEW Amazon Seller Generated Over $5k In 3 Weeks

In this episode of The Amazon Seller podcast I had the chance to interview Rich Kibble, who just launched his first product 3 weeks ago and is seeing GREAT Results!

Rich shares how he successfully launched the product and is now selling between 15 to 20 units per day and is now raising his price, so he doesn’t run out of inventory. There’s so many valuable tips that you’ll learn from the episode and I’m excited to share it with the TAS Community.

Topics discussed:

  • 1. Product Ideas
  • 2. Product Sourcing
  • 3. Launching On Amazon
  • 4. Running Amazon PPC
  • 5. Focus On Result Driven Activities
  • 6. The Importance of Accountability

The main takeaway I want you to understand is that we need to simplify things and focus on what really matters. Stop looking for

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Links Discussed:

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BOOKS Rich Mentioned:

The War of Art

The One Thing

The Slight Edge


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