TAS 042 : Income Report – April 2015 – $32,559.06 Amazon FBA Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I share my income numbers from April 2015. You'll notice that they are a little lower than last month and I'll share why.

Here's the numbers:

Total Revenue: $32,559.06

$1.95 Promotion for product #2 and #3 = $1,850.00

New Total: – $30,709.06

Total Product & FBA Costs = $17,454.80

Amazon PPC Costs $1,050

Grand Total Cost = $18,504.80

$12,204.26 Profit Month

That's….$3,051 per week

That's…$406.80 per day

Additional Expenses:

Tax Jar $29.95
Feedback Genius $60
AMZ Shark $50

Round Up to $200

In the end, I ended the month with about $12k in profit. That's $144k per year if I stayed at this pace. Remember, this is profit and if you have a JOB you would have to make about $160k to bring home this kind of money.

I'm sure there's Doctors and Lawyers making this kind of money, but the common income for most is around $50k to $75k per year and they have to work 40 to 50 hours per week.

This is why I love this business 🙂

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