TAS 036 : The Story Behind a $6 Million Dollar Amazon Business in 4 Years (Interview)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I’m happy to share  an interview I recently did with Will Tjernlund who has built a $6 million dollar business using Amazon FBA.

I just want to be clear that Will’s business model is different than mine and may not be for everyone. But, I wanted to share how someone is scaling and operating like a large business. He also gives some good insights on shipping and using freight forwarder.

Here’s a few of the takeaways:

  • 1. Still money in wholesale
  • 2. Launch more Skus
  • 3. Higher priced items = higher profits
  • 4. Leverage suppliers product catalog
  • 5. Buying bulk to reduce costs
  • 6. Use sea shipping when ordering large quantities
  • 7. Use 3rd party freight forwarder when scaling
  • 8. Storing product in your own warehouse space
  • 9. Look at products that are not FBA and FBM
  • 10. You become the wholesaler to other sellers (Your PL product)
  • 11. Test products fast through Aliexpress
  • 12. Best product at the best price
  • 13. Minimum $50 product to sell



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