TAS 032 : How To Avoid My $1,080 Shipping Mistake (Customs Fees)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear how to avoid my BIG shipping mistake that cost $1,080 in customs fees.  I'm not really sure that you can avoid these totally, but you should at least know about them, so you can figure them into your cost.

Here's the 6 points I wanted to cover in this show:

1. Ask The Code They Use For Your Product
2. Call DHL Ask Customs Department – %
3. Over $2,500 Held The Order – 4% to 10%
4. Make Sure Supplier Doesn't Include Your Shipping Cost
5. Break Up Orders So Smaller – Under $2,500

Keep in mind that I have everything shipped by DHL Express mail and they handle all of my customs fees and paperwork.

But, like I said…you just need to understand how it works so you can plan. It's part of the cost and isn't really a big deal. The $1,080 was for 2,000 units that I ordered and it's only an extra .50 cents per unit.

Enjoy The Show!

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