TAS 030 : Income Report – March 2015 – $34,914.66 Amazon FBA Sales

This is my second Income Report posted on The Amazing Seller blog and podcast. I wanted to share the numbers to show that these numbers are possible by selling as and FBA Private Label Seller.

There’s many sellers out there that are blowing these numbers away, but I wanted to share my journey and hopefully share how I plan to grow my business over the next 12 months.

Before we get into the show notes, I wanted to mention a couple things I mentioned on the podcast.

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Below you will find my notes I created for the podcast. I thought you might want to see them broken down.

Total Amazon Sales Generated in March 2015 –  34,914.66

Product #1 – 1,630 Sold – 50 Per day
Product #2 – 148 Sold – 5 Per Day

=>Last Month – 25,039.39 –

Increase of 39% for the month

  • Here’s the break down:
  • 1289 Units Sold
  • 1179 Orders – Customers
  • Product Costs & FBA Fees – $$18,224.00
  • Amazon PPC = $1,211
  • Profit = $15,775 = Per Day $509 Day

*Average Sales –50 Per Day


Additional Fees
TaxJar = $29.95
Feedback Genius – $60
Web Hosting – $9.95
Lawyer – $200
==>Total = $299.90

Bottom Line – $15,475.10


Question – How long is product 1 been running?
Answer – 5 Months – Started on October 22nd


Question – Do you use a specific program or excel template to keep track of all these metrics?
Answer – Just a simple Google doc
Create simple doc with – Cost of goods – Amazon Fees – PPC – Profit

Question – Where in Seller Central do I go to pull the same report? or is this outside of SC?
Answer – Business Reports – Custom dates


Plans for April

Ordered 500 more of product #2 and plan to promote 100 units for $2.95. Drip out 20 per day for 5 days. Collect reviews using my email auto responder through Feedback Genius

Product #3 should be LIVE on April 15th and plan to run promotion – 100 – over 5 days.

Product #1 – Expand keywords in PPC



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