TAS 027 : How To Start Selling With Small Order Of Inventory ($6,000 Results in 1 Month)

3aIn this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear how Tayson Whittaker took one unit of inventory and turned it into $6,000 per month. He proved the concept and then scaled up his inventory. He was on track to generate over $13,000 in revenue, if he could have kept inventory in stock. You'll hear how he plans to scale his business and what he would do if he was to start over again.

The takeaways from this show:

  • 1. You Don't Need a Huge Budget To Start
  • 2. Just List Something…FAST!
  • 3. Use Aliexpress.com to Find and Source Test Products
  • 4. Reinvest on Winners and Buy More Inventory to Scale
  • 5. Do Your Best To Stay In Stock
  • 6. Oversize Products Can Be an Advantage
  • 7. Higher Priced Products Can Have Higher Margins and Less Competition
  • 8. Just Get Started!!!

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