TAS 024 : How I Plan To Collect Customer Email Addresses Using Insert Cards

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I’ll explain how I plan to start collecting my customer email addresses using insert cards. It’s still not clear if this is within the TOS within Amazon, but I think as long as I’m adding value, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Keep in mind that Amazon has not said yes or no to this, so use your own judgment.

One of the reasons I’m collecting these emails is to have the option to reach out to my past customers when I launch new products. This will give me a HUGE advantage to help get sales going and spike my BSR. It will also help get some initial reviews, which is another BIG advantage and is why I also use My Feedback + Review Technique.

The other reason is to allow me to build a customer list, just in case something happens within Amazon and my seller’s account. You never want to depend on a channel you don’t control.

By having this list I can always push people to whatever store or channel I want. It’s an asset that will give my business huge leverage.

In the show I discuss my current flow or funnel as they call it in the marketing world, and how it all fits together.

  • 1. Insert Card (Product Registration + Resources + Coupons)
  • 2. landing page (Email Capture Form)
  • 3. Thank You Page (Resources)
  • 4. Email Auto-Responder (Email Subscriber List + Auto Message #1)

Here’s an image of how it fits together and the process looks.



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