TAS 023 : How Chris Buys And Sells Products Without Spending His Own Money (Say WHAT?)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I interview Chris Shaffer who makes money helping other businesses sell on Amazon. He's going to explain what he does and how you can offer these same services. He also shares some great marketing strategies.

If you are still trying to launch your first product, but don't have the cash to invest…Chris shares how you can help others businesses sell on Amazon and get paid a percentage of sales.

In the episode we discuss:

  • 1. How To Look For Opportunities
  • 2. Why Some Businesses Will Pay You To List Their Products
  • 3. How To Select New Products That Will Sell
  • 4. How To Promote Your Products on Amazon
  • 5. Understanding The Market You're Targeting
  • 6. Understanding The Review Percentage To Help Conversions
  • 7. How To Look For Products That Sell 10 to 20 Sales Per day.
  • 8. How To Use Insert cards To Collect Emails

…..and so much more!

Chris and I discuss many aspects of our businesses and I promise you will learn from this conversation.

The one thing Chris and I both stress when getting started is….GETTING STARTED!

So many people get stuck at the research stage and never pull the trigger. The one thing I know, is that if you never TAKE ACTION and get started, you will never see results. It might not be a Home Run, but it will be results and you can adjust from there. You only get results by DOING.

LINKS Discussed:

Feedback Genius (Email Delivery)

Scott's Feedback and Review Strategy and Templates

7 Steps To Launching Your Products

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