TAS 022 : 5 Steps For Creating The Best Amazon Listing That Converts To Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we're going to cover 5 steps that will help create a KILLER Amazon listing that converts to sales.

Here's a quick list of the 5 steps we will discuss:

  • 1. Headline
  • 2. Images – 7 Images – 1500 x1500 – Fiverr
  • 3. Bullets – Use all 5 – Cap First Points
  • 4. Description – Be Descriptive and Include More Keywords
  • 5. Call To Action

Additional Tips Discussed:

  • Promotion Box – $5 Off When You Buy 2 or more
  • More products – Create Promotions That Include on all listings
  • Test Headlines – Images – Wait 5 to 7 days – Use Reports for Conversions
  • Shoot for 12% to 15% Conversion Rate in Beginning, but Shoot for 20%
  • Focus On Reviews  –  They Help With Conversions

HTML Description Tips:

Amazon Allowed HTML Tags – Click Here

Word To Clean HTML


Steps To Create HTML For Listing







If you follow these 5 steps when creating your listing and you select a product were you find sloppy listings, you can beat your competitors with your stellar listing.

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  1. dennisa

    amazon is one that really works for me

  2. Mahendra Singh

    Thanks, It really helps me lot while creation of new product content with targeting new keywords into my item. It works!!

    Thanks again!!!

  3. tandi herdiansyah

    amazon still the best for affiliate marketing. I will try your suggestion and hopefully I will get more money.


  4. Isaac Parkinson

    I’ve noticed that Amazon is allowing more lifestyle shots now. Is there no longer a white background rule for images on the listing?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Issac, the requirement for WHITE is on the main image, supporting images can be of the lifestyle variety.

  5. sbobet

    Thanks for sharing this post

  6. dj

    i have question about product description.
    i am using Add rich product description page in seller central but when i press save ,the error comes that it contain HTML tag. i dont find how to remove that.
    please help me
    Thank you

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey DJ, you may want to reach out to Seller Central support and show them the exact error

  7. ryan

    can we still use bullet points in description in year 2016?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Bullet points are seperate from the product descriptions.

      if you have things you want to call out, you could always use a line break

  8. Chris Mercer

    Hi Scott,

    This may be two really dumb questions but as I haven’t listed anything to sell yet I don’t understand.

    1. Is a keyword one word? (is “garlic press” two words but “garlic-press” one word)

    2. When you talk about adding coupon codes, is the clever part done by Amazon which would restrict someone only buying one from entering a code and getting the $5 off?

    Awesome show again!



    1. Scott Voelker

      Amazon treats each word individual, so while keywords most places are “phrases” like (Garlic Press) amazon treats garlic and press as their own words. Make sense?

      As far as coupon codes go, as long as you set it up as a one time use code it would only be able to be used once.

      1. Chris Mercer

        Great, thanks Scott!

  9. Arnaud Durhone

    Hi dude!
    I was searching for this solution for a while!
    Very useful thanks you for sharing!


  10. Arnaud Durhone

    Hi dude!
    I was searching for this solution for a while!
    Very usefulmthanks you for sharing!


  11. Ivelin Demirov

    Great podcast Scott.
    The link under HTML Description Tips:
    “Amazon Allowed HTML Tags – Click Here” is actually for the messaging system.
    Right now only these work:

  12. Mozella M.Babich

    Very Informative post Scott..I also live to add some important points here..
    First of all it is very important to do right niche search. The niche you are going to select, make sure that niche is less competitive. So that you can easily rank for your niche keywords.
    Then secondly, focus on creating good landing page. that can convert into leads. Its depend on how you represent listing of amazon products. Use proper product rating and call to action and also follows Scott guidelines..


  13. Gary VanSickle

    HTML tags no longer work in Amazon
    I see many formatted descriptions – how are they doing this.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Gary, basic html still works in some cases. Most of the nice formatted descriptions that you see are from A+ listings, which is a feature that Amazon offers to people who wholesale to them via vendor central. You can also (right now) sign up for Vendor express and take advantage of the upgraded pages even if you don’t want to wholesale to Amazon!

  14. Erika E.

    Super fabulous content Scott! I can’t wait to listen to more of your podcasts. This is ongoing Amazon education at its finest. Whooo Hoo!

  15. Ben


    Your link of “Amazon Allowed HTML Tags” is referring to buyer-seller messages, not the product description.

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Ben,

      thanks for pointing that out…I’ll take a look at it.

    2. Scott Voelker

      Hey Ben,

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll take a look at it!

  16. David

    Hey Scott,
    Great podcast. Love your stuff. You are adding value to many lives and families across the globe. Keep up the excellent work.
    My question pertains to Amazon’s policy on using HTML in product descriptions. Mine was removed because they state that their policy is that listings may NOT use HTML in product descriptions. I can now only use an ugly block of a paragraph, separated with ……….. Looks terrible! Can you help?

    1. David

      You cannot use ANY HTML coding – bold or paragraphing

      1. Scott Voelker

        As far as I know you can still use basic Bold and paragraph breaks.

  17. Tim

    Hello Scott,

    I followed your instructions and used Word to clean HTML, then pasted into the Description of my Amazon listing, but Amazon USA gave me this error: “The Product Description you provided was invalid. Please verify that it does not contain any special characters.” How come? Any solution?

    1. Scott Voelker

      It may be because you have a special Character. I would make sure you have just letters and numbers. No special Characters.

      1. Eve

        Is it necessary to convert the word to HTML? Why?

        1. Scott Voelker

          Hey Eve, Amazon accepts little to no HTML on their listings, so you should be able to copy and paste a word doc without much problem.

  18. Bonnnie

    The example Scott has shown above are allowed in the US. are also allowed. Very basic html but still acceptable. I learned very basic html from youtube and w3schools.com.

  19. Chris

    Hey is are those tutorial screenshots for word to HTML for the description or another field?

    Thanks for all the info Scott!

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hi Chris,

      This is for the description. It will convert your word doc to acceptable HTML.

      Hope this helps.

  20. jay

    Thanks Scott for another great podcast, i think ths podcast should be called “The Amazing University”
    I’m learning a lot here than business school and it’s so applicable.
    I heard u made a call out about “” “” , here’s what they stand for.
    “” stands for paragraph
    “”Line break or technically create a space between lines

  21. jay

    Thanks Scott for another great podcast, i think ths podcast should be called “The Amazing University”
    I’m learning a lot here than business school and it’s so applicable.
    I heard u made a call out about , here’s what they stand for.
    stands for paragraph
    Line break or technically create a space between lines

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