TAS 020 : Amazon FBA Selling Questions and Answers (The Speed Round #1)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I'm going to answer some of your FBA Selling questions. Since launching this podcast I have received hundreds of Questions by Email, Blog Comments and Voicemail and decided to do a show and answer them. I'm calling this…”The Speed Round”!

Here's the topics discussed:

  • 1. Daily Routine To Be Most Productive
  • 2. What Are Some Additional Product Selection Tips?
  • 3. Should I Worry About Patents?
  • 4. Are Amazon Owned Products OK to Sell?
  • 5. What Promotions After Product is Selling Well?
  • 6. Shipping Direct To FBA or Not?
  • 7. What Should I Know About Import and Customs FEES?
  • 8. Should I Find an Investor To Help Scale My Business?



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