TAS 017 : How Danny Brewer Sold Over $40k In One Month As FBA Seller

Danny_Brewer_FBA_GUYIn this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Danny Brewer who sold over $40,000 in one month and is on track to do even more.

You will notice that Danny is a regular guy and tells it how it is. He also is a guy that Takes Action and gets stuff done. In this interview he will take us through his first 4 months and how he plans to scale his Amazon Business to the next level.

His Process in The Beginning looked like this.

  • 1. Found Meet-Up Group with Local FBA Sellers (Meetup.com)
  • 2. Left Meeting Determined to make This FBA Thing Work
  • 3. Found Product #1 Idea on Late Night TV Commercial
  • 4. Looked on Amazon and Seen It Was Selling
  • 5. Searched On Alibaba.com and Found Product
  • 6. Contacted Suppliers With Products
  • 7. Ordered Samples
  • 8. Ordered Small Test Run
  • 9. Listed on Amazon Through FBA
  • 10. Sold Out in Few Days (Used Small Promotion Discount)
  • 11. Ordered larger Quantity
  • 12. Scheduled Small Promotion to Spike Sales ($1 Promo)
  • 13. Turned on Amazon PPC (Auto Campaign)
  • 14. Looked At Keywords from Auto Campaign (Created Manual Campaign)
  • 15. Re-Ordered – Repeat Process

Links Discussed:

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