TAS 013 : Amazon Seller Reveals How To Create Brand Messaging In (One Day) That Helps Sell Products

In this episode of  The Amazing Seller Podcast I have a special Amazon Seller guest that is going to share how he builds Brands in One Day or less. His name is Will Evans and has developed a very cool technique for listening to his market and building his brand around that voice.

Key points we discuss:

  • 1. Branding is more than a logo
  • 2. How he created his Brand
  • 3. How he taps into his customers minds
  • 4. How he started an eCommerce business from his apartment
  • 5. Why he decided to sell on Amazon
  • 6. What he would do if he started over today

Will also recently wrote a book called “1 Day Brand” and gives you a blueprint and steps to follow and create your Brand in just one day. I read the book and found it be very useful and easy to follow. I will be using these techniques to learn more about my market and help create messaging that speaks to them.

I just want to say that I do not earn  a commission if you purchase Will's book. But, I do feel it is a great investment…especially seeing it's just .99 cents currently.

Click Here to check it out!

You can also reach Will at 1daybrand@gmail.com



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