BONUS: June 2015 Income Report + Exciting News

Income Report for June 2015 – $32,760.20

1,900 Units Sold
1,738 Customers

63 Units Per Day Average

-Product Cost – $9,786
-Amazon Fees – $9,578
-Amazon PPC – $1900

Misc. Costs – $300.00
TaxJar – Leadpages – Aweber – Website Host – Feedback Genius – AMZ Shark

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Costs = $21,564

Profit = $11,196 = $2,799 WK – $400 Per day


My Action Steps in June:
Used Keyword Inspector to find more keywords – Tested New Campaign
Used lower cost variation and found it to convert higher and get more impressions and clicks

Amazon PPC Campaigns:
Winner: $139.68 – $622.04 at 23% Average Cost Of Sale
Loser: $176.08 – $59.94 at 294% ACoS
Tweaked others and moisture performing at 40% and under

Lessons Learned in June:
Look at Google Analytics – Upcoming show
Price is the main driver – Use to spike when needed

Slow Months Are Here – July – August – September

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(NEW Resource Page – List of Tools and Resources)

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