BIG AMAZON NEWS – Major Review Announcement and What it Means for Sellers (First Thoughts)


There's big news this morning (10/4/2016) from Amazon about their reviews policy.

I wanted to quickly shoot an episode your way to give you my first thoughts about what this means for you as an Amazon private label seller.

Be sure you listen to get the full story.


  1. Ina R

    Hey Scott, you said that the launch checklist is updated, does that mean that we can use for getting those first reviews?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Ina, you can use any service as long as you’re not ONLY giving them the code if they leave a review.

  2. Batsheva

    Will you be updating your launch list to reflect these new rules? Are there still steps we can take to encourage reviews more quickly?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Batsheva, do you mean my launch checklist? That’s already been updated (and was actually 99.9% ok), you can absolutely still give product away at a discount, the only change is that you can no longer require a review in EXCHANGE for the discount.

  3. Scott

    You mentioned doing an email sequence to your buyers. I thought that violated Amazon’s ToS because you’re not supposed to email people with anything other than specific order-related info. Can you clarify?

    1. Scott Voelker

      Hey Scott, If you have the customer’s email address you can email them about anything you want. As far as sending emails THROUGH Amazon you should keep them focused on the order, but asking the customer for feedback about the order and product IS order related!

  4. Ryan

    Early in the podcast you talk about Amazon clarifying their position on incentivized reviews via FAQs and a news article. What are the links to both of those sources so we can learn more?

  5. Chris Hellebuyck

    Guys I totally agree. I see this as a positive for private label sellers in many more ways than negatives. For a long term business, this creates a small barrier of entry into new products. We also haven’t had one product be successful solely because of reviews it received. Thanks for the podcast

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