TAS 045 : 7 Tips For Choosing Your First Product To Sell On Amazon (Checklist)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we'll be discussing what the important criteria is to consider when choosing a product. I share 7 tips to consider, so you can have the best chance of launching a successful product.

The 7 Tips Are:

1. Is It Small – Lightweight
2. Does It Have Few Moving Parts
3. Does It Take Batteries – Electronics
4. Is It  Seasonal – Google Trends
5. Are The Margins – $7 to $10 Profit – FBA Fees $4.25
6. Can Be Bundled – 3 Pack
7. Good Demand

Bonus Tips:
Avoid Dangerous Product
Use Simple Product Packaging

You will learn how #7 was a mistake I made and how you can avoid it.

Enjoy the episode!

Links Discussed:

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