TAS 018 : Tips For Sourcing Private Label Products In China With Nancy Ramirez (9 Year Vendor)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I had the privilege of interviewing Nancy Ramirez, who is a product vendor for Target, Walmart and other big box stores. She is going to explain the ins and outs of how everything works in the process. We also answer a bunch of questions that were submitted by you the listeners.

Here’s the topics we discuss:

  • What is the role of an Agent? Why have One?
  • How To Find Good Supplier on Alibaba?
  • Is Aliexpress a good option?
  • How should I contact them?
  • Should I act as an individual or business?
  • Any tips for having them take me serious?
  • What if they only accept wire transfers?
  • What to look out for to help protect myself from scams?
  • How do I find an Agent? How do I know I’m speaking with Agent or Manufacturer?
  • How do I know I’m not buying Wholesale? I want the best price direct to Manufacture and not the middle man.
  • What’s the best way to pay suppliers?
  • How Does Packaging Work? Do they print and make their own Boxes? Should I create Fancy Box or Packaging?
  • How do I find an inspector? What do they usually charge?
  • What’s best way to ship when starting? Air or Sea?
  • Will they print my UPC codes and Packaging?
  • What about infringing on Patents? How do we protect ourselves?

Links Discussed:

Additional Information From Listener After the show Aired:

Awesome interview Scott. This is very helpful. I’ve sourced from Alibaba before and am actually based in China at the moment. My fiancee is getting into sourcing and I’m sharing your podcast with her. While her goal is not to become an Amazon seller, she will definitely gain a good perspective on some sourcing basics.

Re: Alibaba. The company is a giant as you already know. A few of their properties here include the mentioned Taobao (which is the Amazon/eBay), Tmall (for brands, like Zappos), Alipay (PayPal), AliExpress (low MOQs), and 1688 (wholesale website catered to Chinese buyers).

Re: Gold Suppliers. I believe Alibaba has introduced a low priced plan which made the website crowded with a lot of inexperienced or dishonest agents. Previously, it cost at least $4,800 per year to become a Gold Supplier. Many trading companies saw this as a small amount compared to what they could sell and bought in. After a lower price point was released, even more are pretending to be manufacturers.

Re: Shipping. There’s this company called BOXC. While perhaps not for Amazon Sellers, the startup is based in Shanghai and can do dropshipping for factories that won’t.

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