Well Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this page. I wanted to introduce myself and give you a glimpse into who I am and why I decided to create The Amazing Seller Podcast and Blog.

If you would rather listen to me explain all of this…Listen to these episodes.

TAS 125 – (Success Leaves Clues) Scott's Complete Story and Path to Becoming an Entrepreneur

TAS 300 – (Special Rare Episode) Looking Back on The Path To Success and How to Leverage Your Strengths

Who Am I?

My name is Scott Voelker and I'm a pretty simple guy. I've been married to my beautiful wife Lisa for 23 years and have 3 kids ages 10, 19 and 22. Yep…I'm a busy guy.

My wife and I ran a successful portrait studio for 10 years and really enjoyed it. But, since I'm an entrepreneur at heart I decided to look into adding a second income by teaching online photography stuff.  I started selling my own information products online in 2008 in the Photography niche and soon realized it could become a full time income.

Over the next several years we built our brand New Portrait Biz into a very successful online business that was very fulfilling and profitable. We still run our online business and plan to continue.

But, as I said earlier…I'm an¬†entrepreneur at heart and have the curse. If you are always thinking of creative ideas in business…you know what I mean. So, fast forward to August 2014 I started to hear more about Amazon FBA selling and how some people were making good money using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and private labeling to sell physical products.

I started listening to a few podcasts and reading some blogs that mentioned this business model and I dove in head first. You can hear all of the details on this new podcast where I explain all of the details.

Why I Decided To Start This Podcast?

Well, I'm a die hard Podcast listener and I couldn't find any Podcasts that focused on Amazon FBA for Private Labelers. I would always look for any content that could keep me motivated, but also give me tips and nuggets to try in my own business. So, I decided to create the show that I wanted to listen to. I wanted to find sellers that were doing well and interview them. I wanted to share my results with others to attract others to share their story.

It's really a Win-Win for everyone.

When I started the podcast in Feb 2014 I had no idea if anyone would listen. But, like anything I wanted to share what I was learning and help others during the process. I never imagined that the podcast would go on to reach and help thousands of people and receive over 9 Million downloads to date. CRAZY!

Are You Curious How I became an Entrepreneur?

Watch the video and hear how my Father taught me at 10 years old.